Let Training SALutions help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and have those ideas and dreams become a reality.



  • You want to become your own boss and run your own business

  • You want to work around your family commitments

  • You want more time at home with your family

  • You want the job satisfaction of helping someone achieve their goals

  • You want to help people to learn a skill for life

  • You want the security of working with a trusted franchise company (optional)

  • You understand what constitutes a safe driver

  • You are patient

  • You have good interpersonal skills and can adapt to people’s needs

If you can relate to any of the above, get in touch now to arrange a meeting with Sally (Director of Training Salutions) to discuss your suitability for the role as a Driving Instructor.  

  • Request a call back - Send a text to 07970 100 550 - with your name, email address, postcode, and preferred time to call back. 


Sally will arrange an informal chat with you to ensure you are suitable for the role as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Training SALutions will help you, to take your knowledge and understanding to a high level and continue to add to it, whilst also showing you the best ways to deliver your lessons to your clients.

The full course covers everything from the basics, right through to teaching techniques and how to tailor your lesson plans to suit the individual needs of your client.  It can be hard work but the end result is a rewarding career imparting your knowledge and experience to eager learners.


'Training SALutions' will guide you step by step through the process of becoming a DVSA ‘Approved Driving Instructor’ (ADI) or as I prefer to say “Driver Centred Trainer”. 

For you to become a ‘Driver Centred trainer’ (ADI) you will need to be trained by someone who is highly experienced with using the same ‘Client Centred’ training techniques you will use with your own clients.

At 'Training SALutions' I provide professional one to one training, tailored around your needs. You can rely on ‘Training SALutions’ to help you to reach your goals.

Rest in the knowledge that your trainer is a professional GRADE ‘A’ trainer, registered and approved by the DVSA Official Register for Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT). Each ORDIT registered trainer is regularly inspected by DVSA to ensure quality and standards are met. 



The job involves working with all sorts of people so you’ll need good people skills as well as:

  • Patience and understanding

  • A thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of driving

  • An ability to teach

  • Awareness of changes in the regulations for driving tests, as well as driving instruction

  • Business understanding


Learner drivers often want to fit in their lessons around school and work so you may have to work unsociable hours to fit in with their needs.  


With a strong desire for the profession, you will learn that being a driving instructor is not just a job, but a vocation that offers years of extraordinary job satisfaction.  Giving you the chance to meet new people on a daily basis and help them change and improve their lives.

Become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with 'Training SALutions' and operate your own driving school business. 



  • You must be over 21 years old

  • You must have held a full UK driving license for at least 3 years

  • You have NOT received more than 5 penalty points in the last 4 years.

  • You will need to pass an in-depth background and criminal history check. DBS Check (The Disclosure and Barring Service), even if you already have one


Your application can be refused or is unlikely to be accepted if you’ve been:

  • convicted of a sexual, violent, financial or drug-related crime

  • banned from working with children

  • banned from driving

  • convicted of any non-motoring offences


The qualifying examination is in three parts: 

Part 1: ADI Theory Test

This is a test of your knowledge of The Highway Code, the rules of the road and your knowledge of instructional techniques among other things. The test is carried out in two parts; a 100 multiple choice questions section with a minimum pass mark of 85 followed by a hazard perception test.

The hazard perception part of the test consists of 14 video clips with a minimum pass mark of 57 out of 75. You need to pass both parts of the theory test to obtain an overall pass result. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts you have at the theory test.


Part 2: Driving Ability Test

Part two consists of an eyesight test and a test of your ability to drive to a very high standard. It will prove whether or not you have a thorough understanding of good safe driving techniques and that you can also demonstrate them. It is a one hour examination and you are allowed up to three attempts to pass.


Part 3: Ability to Instruct Test

The objective of the test is to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to your clients. The test is an hour long, you will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving instruction to your client.


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Here is a list of qualities that can take you from being an average driving instructor to an EXCELLENT Driver Centred Trainer:

  • Are good learners themselves and actively seek new skills and knowledge

  • Keep learning more every day and get better at what they are doing

  • Takes initiative! They don't follow a book of procedures, but rather spot teachable moments and act

  • Spot problems before they unfold and prevent them

  • Guide their clients to show initiative, rather than insist the clients just follow their instructions and not question anything

  • Guide the clients to be curious and to take responsibility for their own actions and choices

  • Recognises it’s always good to have fun and enjoy the learning experience. Fun learning is the best learning

  • Makes sure that every client has fun while learning

  • Uses different ways of teaching and learning that grab a student's attention

  • Derives different methods of delivering instructions and presents many different learning opportunities, this facilitates interest and hence learning

  • Caters and responds to the need of their clients

  • Are responsive to the clients’ needs and are ready to listen to what the client wants to discuss and answer the questions the client presents

  • Always makes sure that every client understands fully the assessment (the end goal) and be efficient in getting the student to that goal

  • Will not drag the training on and make the clients take more lessons if they are not needed

  • Have patience with nervous clients and will not rush them.

  • Sets a pace that is perfect for each client

  • Is able to sense when a client needs help, is nervous, is confused, is stressed, or is distracted and can provide whatever is necessary to improve the situation.

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