About Sally

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Becoming a Driving Instructor enabled me to work around my children

and allowed me to digress into other areas of driver training including, Fleet,

Taxi, Diamond test. With continued Professional development I got myself registered on DVSA ‘Official Register for Driving Instructor Trainers’ (ORDIT).


The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) badge can open doors into all sorts of driver safety related courses, including delivery of; drink, drug, mobile and speed awareness courses.


I have over 24 years’ experience and I am a Grade ‘A’ ORDIT registered trainer (recently passing the new assessment April 2019) training PDIs and ADIs.


Over the years I have invested a lot of time and money in my self-development by attending many courses (likes of Louise Walsh, Ian Edwards, Ged and Claire Wilmot, John Farlam etc…) and regularly attending National Driving Instructor Associations conferences and CPD events.


On my on-going journey of self- development, in early 2010 I did a course at University of East London (By Dr Johnathon Passmore) on Coaching Techniques for Driving Instructors.


Also in 2010, I was one of the lucky ones who attended Tri Coaching Partnerships’ very first BTEC Level 4 Professional award in Coaching for Driver Development course (very well-known and respected qualification within the industry).


I now, deliver the BTEC Level 4 on behalf of Tri-Coaching Partnership as well as my own PDI/ADI ZOOM CPD Courses.


Knowing just how isolated this industry can be; on completion of the BTEC 4, I wanted to share my new found knowledge and skills with as many driving instructors as possible and decided to create a driving instructors association.


The association was founded in 2012 of which I am currently still the chairperson. The ‘North Staffordshire Driving Instructor Association’ (NSDIA), a national award winning group, has over 60 members and is ever growing. It has always had a non-judgemental environment and members go away from each meeting with some form of CPD.


The courses I deliver for Potential Driving Instructors and qualified Driving Instructors are tailored and if needed, adapted to suit individual needs.


Choose the service or product appropriate for your needs:


  • Parts 1, 2 and 3 training for Potential Driving Instructors

  • Part 3 preparation or remedial training

  • One to one personal in car CPD training

  • Standards preparation and/or remedial training

  • Zoom one to one CPD training

  • Zoom Part 3 and Standards Training Courses

  • DVSA ORDIT Training

  • Fleet Trainer

  • Taxi Driver training

  • Diamond test trainer  


Contact me to arrange an informal chat about any of the above or what the job as a driving Instructor entails (ensuring this is the career for you).


If it turns out to be just what you had imagined and you have the qualities to become a successful driving Instructor. Then we will put together a realistic plan to suit your individual needs, so you are more likely to achieve your goal.


Sally, 'Training SALutions'

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