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Driving Instructors are called

"Driver Centred Trainers"

In October 2011 the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) changed the way Driving Instructors are required to deliver driver training. DVSA published the 'National Standards for Driver and Rider Training' (NSDRT). The guidelines were one of the first steps taken by DVSA to completely change the way traditional driver training was delivered.

The NSDRT are government guidelines on what a Driving Instructor must be able to do and what he or she must know and understand to provide training to drivers and riders.

A couple of changes to driver training include:

The trainer encourages the student to take responsibility for their own learning and decision making.

The trainer is now required to include the student in the planning of the lesson. This allows the student to take ownership of their own development. The driver trainer uses the clients 'preferred methods of learning' to teach them to drive. 

DVSA calls this ‘Client Centred' training. (What is Client centred?)

Training SALutions will work with you, at your pace, so you can easily achieve your goal to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or achieving that Grade ‘A’ at your next Standards Check.

"There is no such thing as a weakness, only an area for development"

By developing and enabling you to think more effectively you will take ownership of your learning so, in return, be in a better position to understand HOW to deliver the standard required by DVSA.  


“I believe you should lead the way".

"My aim is to listen to how I can help you get to where you wish to be."

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